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Start making better investment decisions

Sentieo’s AI-powered research engine supports the entire investment workflow to fuel better decisions. Stating using Sentieo and:

  • Save Analysts 100+ Hours a Year 
  • Break Down Data Silos to Surface Insights Others Miss
  • Outperform Competitors with an Integrated Approach
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Outperform the market with better investment decisions

The financial research process has become broken and costly, with multiple disconnected tools and steps, expensive talent doing manual tasks, and missed insights and opportunities for alpha. Material information can be missed in the sheer volume of documents and data available to an analyst while time is wasted doing manual research using tools that make it difficult to track signals and trends across equities or segments.

Sentieo helps investment analysts save research time, never miss a material insight, and be more confident in their decisions with a unified platform that combines document search, market and alternative data, analytics and modeling tools with a research management system and APIs for integrating common third-party tools.

Fast, Relevant Competitive Document Search and Sentiment Analysis

Save hundreds of hours researching peer and analyst activity

Find relevant, actionable data and insights fast with:

  • AI-driven Document Search that is optimized for financial data, documents, and news
  • Redlining of filings so analysts can easily identify material changes fromdifferent periods
  • NLP Smart Summary transcript and sentiment analysis to quickly identify changes in company strategy
  • NLP Topic & Sector Heatmap to understand performance, business drivers, and language across a set of peers or sector
  • Table Explorer to easily extract, chain, and visualize data directly from filings with a few clicks—eliminating the need to copy/paste thousands of data points
  • Sentieo Equity Data Terminal for streamlining the process of deep analysis and model-building
  • Sentieo Plotter for visualizing multiple data sources to identify company and sector-level insights
  • Customizable Dashboards that let you do many things “at-a-glance” using a library of widgets and dashboard templates for key use cases and sectors

Data-Driven Competitor Alerts and Dashboards

Never miss a material insight or change in strategy from a peer or analyst

rack company financials, strategy, and communications with:

  • Configurable Dashboards that incorporate news, updated keyword search results, stock performance, notes, documents, and other critical information
  • Instant Alerts when new documents or data are published for specific companies, watchlists, or industry topics
  • Integrated News Stream feeds to follow company press releases and media coverage

Access to Public Company Documents and Data in One Research Platform

Deliver more complete and auditable research

Make confident decisions about your investment with:

  • A single, integrated platform to search, retrieve, analyze, and tag text and financial data from millions of public company documents
  • Integration of third-party and internal proprietary content into your analysts research workflow, including Broker and Aftermarket Research
  • Research note taking and an integrated Notebook to track, share, collaborate, and audit research, theses, meeting notes, and comments
  • Mobile apps to provide seamless, on the go access to research workflow tools
  • A search-first research management system (RMS) that makes deployment fast and analysts lives easier

Customer Story


“As a user of CapIQ for more than a decade, we replaced a database platform that simply aggregated information with one that supported the workflow of our research process. This has resulted in an enhanced collaboration that did not exist using CapIQ. The collaboration across the investment team that Sentieo has enabled became ever more instrumental to our process during the COVID-19 pandemic as we were required to work remotely.”

Eric Marshall (CFA)

Director of Research, Portfolio Manager


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