Intelligent Document Search

  • DocSearch brings both primary (internal) and secondary (external) content together under one powerful search engine.
  • Powerful linguistic search algorithms help you find exactly what you’re looking for.  

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Extract and Compare Non-Standard KPI Tables Over Time

  • Extract industry-specific KPIs for incorporating into valuation models
  • Extract non-GAAP, non-standard performance measures and quickly transpose them into Excel
  • Similar Tables, a feature unique to Sentieo, allows you to easily compare the same tables side-by-side
  • Time Series is a feature that allows you to easily view historical table data

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Real-Time Search Alerts

  • Never miss another filing: receive email and mobile push notifications for new filings from the companies you’re watching.
  • Highly customizable: Set up document alerts, keyword search alerts, price movement alerts, and more.
  • Save any search and get notified when a new document is released by companies that you follow.

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News Stream

With Sentieo’s News Stream feature, users can extract key information from social media, news and company documents. They can also track market data and multiples. Key features include:

  • Ability to look at a single company, or a set of companies by industry/groups
  • Users can upload and edit their own watchlists; Sentieo automatically creates a watchlist for recently viewed tickers
  • Search for keywords within a watchlist to narrow your search to a particular basket of stocks.

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