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Want to try the Election 2020 Dashboard? 

Sentieo U.S. Election 2020 Dashboard

We empower competitive investors and corporations to rapidly discover insights so they can make smarter investments and execute winning strategies.

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Sentieo Platform

Unified Platform, Supporting the Complete Research Workflow

The Sentieo Financial and Corporate Research Platform brings together the previously disparate tools of financial document search, market and alternative data, and modeling and analytics, with a research management system.

Sentieo’s single, integrated solution helps competitive investors and corporations rapidly discover insights so they can make smarter investments and execute winning strategies.

Document Search

Insights You Need to Win

Sentieo’s AI-driven Document Search solution is the fastest and most powerful way to search through millions of documents and content sources.

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Market & Alternative Data

Comprehensive, Searchable Documents & Content

Get access to a fully searchable database of company documents, news, and equity and market data from the most relevant sources, along with the ability to add your own documents.

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Analytics & Modeling

Make Better Decisions Faster

Discover uncharted insights and make confident decisions faster with a suite of integrated tools to build financial models, analyze language, and visualize trends quickly.

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Research Management System

Drive Better Returns

An integrated RMS helps analysts save time and make more winning investment decisions—driving faster adoption and use—while the standardization of a repeatable and transparent investment research process delivers better research ROI, protection of intellectual property, and compliance.

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AI-Driven Technology

Lower Costs and Expose Uncharted Insights

NLP-Driven Search

Faster discovery of insights with more relevant results driven by Natural Language Processing across internal and 3rd party content

Smart Summary™️

Automated document summarization, categorization, and sentiment analysis allows analysts to consume more content, faster

Automated Model Building

Machine Learning automates extraction of KPIs and creation of models from filings, increasing analyst productivity

Mobile Apps

Research Workflow on the Road

Sentieo’s native mobile and tablet apps extend productivity on the road:

  •  Search and create or review notes anywhere
  •  Documents, notes, and financial data synced for offline access
  •  Fully customizable, real time push notifications