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Power Up Your Research with On-Demand Expert Insights

Pair Stream by AlphaSense’s expert transcript library with Sentieo’s robust content set to gain unique perspectives on the companies and sectors you cover.

Expert insights have become a powerful qualitative tool for many investment research teams. Stream by AlphaSense was developed to help investment analysts and portfolio managers access these insights in a fast, cost-effective manner.

When paired with traditional sources like earnings call transcripts, broker or aftermarket research, and news services that many customers use in Sentieo today, the first-hand expert knowledge found in Stream provides a 360° view that can drive higher-value analysis.

Stream At-a-Glance*

  • 20,000+ on-demand expert call transcripts 
  • 2,000+ transcripts added per month
  • Hand-picked interviewers with 500+ hours of industry interview  experience
  • Less than 2.5 years since expert was at the company
    *Information as of November 28, 2022

Ready to learn how Stream can give you a new level of insight?

Time to Insights

Get Expert Insights Without the Wait

Stream’s on-demand transcript library provides you expert perspectives and the tools to help you unlock value quickly:

  • Access thousands of expert interviews from any location, at any time
  • Identify relevant elements and trends with AI-powered tools like Smart Synonyms and sentiment analysis
  • Collect key transcript themes quickly with call summaries and table of contents
  • Understand conversational nuance and tone with real recorded audio files
Stream for LP-1

Unique Perspectives 

Stay Ahead of the Pack with Fresh Insights

  • Stream doesn’t keep going back to the same well; they custom source and recruit experts for every request
  • Over 95% of their existing transcripts are with “new” experts*
  • This means the potential for an information “competitive advantage” (in a compliant manner, of course)
Stream 2-1-1

High Quality 

Benefit from Diverse, Buy-Side Perspectives

  • Stream vets not only the quality of its recruited experts; they also have high standards for their interviewers
  • Buy-side analysts, experienced in expert interviews (500+ hours or 5+ years of interview experience)*
  • Breadth of sector coverage makes sure there’s not a strong tilt towards certain sector content
Pie Chart 2

Key Use Cases 

Stream Expert Transcripts

  • Get up to speed on new companies or sectors faster from people with first-hand knowledge
  • Monitor topics and themes relevant to coverage companies
  • Generate new ideas based on emerging themes being discussed
Earnings Season - Sentieo

Ensure Usability  

Compliance is an Important Element

We understand; investment teams have to be aware of the potential impacts of accessing material, non-public information (MNPI). 

Stream transcribes calls and implements a triple-screen compliance process to help mitigate disclosure risk. This provides a level of assurance for the leading investment firms and corporations using their service every day.