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Guide for Competitive Intelligence

Eliminate Blindspots with an Alert-Driven Research Workflow

Alert-Driven Workflow Guide - Pharma-CI


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Drive better competitive strategy with faster insights

The tens or even hundreds of companies competitive and market intel analysts track produce hundreds of pieces of data, documents, and news every week that could inform a change in strategy or competitive response

Read our guide to learn how competitive intelligence teams use Sentieo to stay ahead of peers during earnings season.



Fast, Relevant Competitive Document Search and Sentiment Analysis

Save hundreds of hours researching competitor strategy and activity

Find relevant, actionable data and insights fast with:

  • AI-driven Document Search that is optimized for financial data, documents, and corporate roles
  • Smart Summary™ transcript and sentiment analysis to quickly identify changes in competitor strategy in minutes
  • Table Explorer to easily extract and visualize data directly from filings with a few clicks using — no need to copy/paste thousands of data points
  • Customizable Dashboards that let you do many things “at-a-glance” using a library of widgets and dashboard templates for key use cases and sectors

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Data-Driven Competitor Alerts and Dashboards

Never miss a material insight or change in strategy from a competitor

Track competitor strategy and communications with:

  • Configurable Dashboards that incorporate news, updated keyword search results, stock performance, and other critical information
  • Instant Alerts when new documents or data are published for specific competitors or company watchlists
  • Integrated News Stream feeds to follow competitor press releases and media coverage

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