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Stagflation Risks and Credit Ratings: A Mid-Year Chat with Fitch Ratings

In this webinar:

Justin Patrie, Senior Director, Credit Policy Group, Fitch Ratings and Nick Mazing, Director of Research, Sentieo discuss how the global macroeconomic outlook has deteriorated materially since the beginning of the year. 

This webinar covers how the worsening macroeconomic outlook has prompted a full review of the 293 sector and asset performance outlooks by Fitch Ratings analysts.

Those outlooks consisted of:  

  • 37 showed a downward trend, either falling to ‘deteriorating’ from ‘neutral’ or to ‘neutral’ from ‘improving’, 
  • there are now 35 ‘deteriorating’ sector outlooks versus 14 in December, and
  • the number evaluated as ‘improving’ fell to 34 from 41.