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On-Demand Webinar

Planning Through Uncertainty: Are You Flying Half Blind?

Faced with unprecedented economic and social changes, individual companies and even entire markets are struggling to develop a plan for the future. And while some are thriving, and others are crashing and burning, there is no doubt that the role of competitive intelligence and strategy teams are more important than ever. If you are not aware of—and benchmarking against—what your competition and supply chain are doing, you are flying half blind.

Join our panel of competitive intelligence and strategy experts as they share insights on why these functions have become less discretionary and more mission-critical, and how they can—and are—helping to develop the insights to drive planning through this uncertain time.


  • Aki Garrett, Director, Telco Strategic Alliances & Business Development, Lenovo
  • Peter Kenseth, Vice President, Maia Strategy Group
  • Jason Fake, Strategy & Business Development, ITT 

Hosted by:

  • Nick Mazing, Head of Research, Sentieo


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