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On-Demand Webinar

Creating Better Data Visualizations with Sentieo 

Without the ability to combine and visualize them, even the most robust datasets are practically useless. This is why data visualization has become a necessity. 

With Sentieo, investors can visualize and analyze data in just a few clicks using datasets from within the unified platform and pulled from outside, expedite model building, and discover signals, trends, and uncharted insights.

Join Sentieo’s Head of Research, Nick Mazing, for a walk through how to use Sentieo Plotter to visualize both financial and non-financial metrics to gain insights quickly, including how to:

  • use the basic functions of Plotter 
  • use the  alternative data integrations to follow social media and search trends for any topic,
  • visualize the relationships between macro trends, the relationships between macro trends and an individual firm’s performance 
  • create customized visualization of financials and non-financial data (such as web traffic, sentiment, document search counts, FRED macro series)




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