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On-Demand Institutional Investor Webinar

Automating Alpha: Using Technology to Leverage Your Analytical Talent

Today’s uncertain equity market is the stock-picker’s chance to shine. The Covid-19 pandemic presents public companies with unprecedented challenges to their businesses, and it’s up to the buyside analyst to understand those challenges and identify the stocks that will emerge as new leaders.

To do that, the buyside research analyst must be more productive than ever before, filtering torrents of new types of data for useful hints, collaborating with colleagues who are all working remotely and spending as much time as possible searching for and building investment theses, rather than managing documents or transcribing data. The case for using intelligent technology to source, filter and collate data has never been stronger.

Join industry thought leaders from Dodge & Cox, Nuveen Labs and PineBridge Investments as they look at how the new generation of research tools can help the buyside research department succeed in unprecedented times.


  • Monica Khurana, Associate Chief Technology Officer, Dodge & Cox
  • Robert Turley, Head of Portfolio Strategy and Asset Allocation, Dodge & Cox
  • Wendy Harrington, EVP and Head of Nuveen Labs, Nuveen
  • Henrique Francisco, Chief Technology Officer, PineBridge Investments
  • Annie Eissler, Global Head of Product Marketing, Sentieo


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