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We’re excited to announce our recent partnership with a leading news provider. See it in action at the live webinar!
  • You’ll now be able to log into Sentieo and search through a total of 50+ million documents going back 2+ years.
  • You’ll get news immediately after its release, including: newspaper articles, trade journals, regulatory sources, press releases, and other media sources.

  • Our product specialist Nick Carreras will be happy to answer any questions you may have during the webinar.

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Who’s Presenting:

Nicolas Carreras

Product Specialist

Nicolas Carreras is a Product Specialist at Sentieo. Nic was previously director of research at Soulor Research, which he founded in 2015. Before that, he held investment analyst roles at United First Partners and at HSBC, prior to which he was an analyst and investment banking associate covering technology, mediaand telecoms at JP Morgan.