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On-Demand Webinar

Liberate Yourself from Ctrl + F: How to Search Documents with Ease and Confidence (Part I)

In this webinar, Sentieo’s Head of Research, Nick Mazing will liberate you from Ctrl+F forever. Nick will walk through Sentieo’s AI-driven Document Search—the fastest and most powerful way to search through millions of documents and content sources. Nick will demonstrate the advantage of using natural language processing and advanced linguistic algorithms to find the insights others miss in their research. The webinar will include an introduction to Sentieo’s Document Search: document sets and basic functions, including an inside look at how to:

  • Use advanced query operators, filters, and smart categories to eliminate time-wasting search results
  • Save searches for alerts on the topics that you track
  • Get related suggestions, including autocomplete options, synonyms, and trending terms
  • Search within specific document types, certain sections of a document, or by role
  • Conduct broad searches across industries to quantify trends, and access source documents with a single click
  • Use redlining to quickly compare language over filing periods, such as scanning guidance, MD&A, or Risk Factors sections for changes

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