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On-Demand Webinar

Earnings Call Perfected

Deliver Any News Perfectly—Every Time

No matter which end of the earnings call you’re on, we can all agree that earnings season is the busiest time of the year—four times a year. Multiple companies reporting on the same day leads to scheduling conflicts, forced prioritization, and often costly missed information—and that doesn’t include all the work that goes into preparing for these calls.

In this roundtable discussion, we’ll look at all parts of earnings season prep: from pre-call cross-functional coordination and call execution, to post-call analysis. Our panel of experts will discuss how to make earnings season a little less painful and a whole lot more successful.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  •  How to use competitor and peer messaging to your advantage
  •  How to manage information overload and improve workflows to produce the best narratives possible
  •  How to best deliver negative news and be prepared for external concerns


  •  Stacy Turnof, Senior Vice President, Edelman Financial Communications & Capital Markets
  •  Steve Soter, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Accounting Industry Principal at Workiva
  •  Moriah Shilton, Senior Vice President at LHA Investor Relations
  •  Jeremy Peruski, Co-Founder, VEA

Hosted by:

  •  Nick Mazing, Head of Research, Sentieo

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