Language is one of the last realms of financial data to be quantified. Every quarter, thousands of pages of earnings call transcripts are generated and analyzed by equity analysts for signals about how individual companies — and the market — will perform. In fact, studies have shown that management and analyst sentiment are actual predictors of stock returns.

Over the last year, we have been investing heavily in natural language processing & data science, and even adding transcript sentiment analysis to our product. We realize that this is a new space and that there are still many questions about how investment professionals can use sentiment to get insights. You can't afford to get left behind—  join us for this webinar!

During this 30-minute, casual discussion, Sentiment Experts Jed Gore and Nicolas Carerras will be discussing the following topics and answering your questions, including:
  • What is transcript sentiment analysis?
  • Why is transcript sentiment analysis important?
  • Are there any studies showing the impact of sentiment on stock returns?
  • How do I incorporate sentiment analysis into my research workflow?
  • What tools are available for transcript sentiment analysis?
  • What is keyword analysis and how can it help me?