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Webinar On-Demand

Wirecard Accounting Indicators: Lessons Learned

During this webinar, Sentieo’s Nick Mazing sits down with CFRA’s Richard Sbaschnig to review potential techniques that Wirecard might have used to generate profits, revenue, and optical cash flows and give methods that can help detect use of similar techniques at other payments companies today.

  • These indicators focus on M&A, receivables, cash flow, governance, and prepaid business
  • We discuss why certain indicators are potentially important and how they might have flagged issues at Wirecard prior to its demise
  • We note which companies were flagged on some of these indicators and some pitfalls in interpretation


  • Richard Sbaschnig, Global Vice President, Financial Service Sector Head - CFRA
  • Nick Mazing, Head of Research - Sentieo


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